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The SORD M5 of the bosom oak is introduced with the machine of writer possession. Furthermore, the fact that the writer has owned is the " SORD M5 Pro ". Contents of this page have been based on everything " SORD M5 Pro ", thing below " M5 Pro " is called " the M5 ".

When the one which is having is, please offer by all means (however, goods sending other than the net cannot receive the data regarding the M5). It does not care with any trivial thing.

(It is compilation way)


M5 story

As expected me it meaning that occurrence of time of infancy is main, (the ^^; It depends on the result information of collecting on the Web. Because of that, there is a possibility information having been confused. The it does, not driving.

November of 1982 M5 (original) sale


M5 Pro/Jr. Specifications






The SORD (presently the appearance which was absorbed at Toshiba)


Z80A (3.58mHz)


4 channel Z80A-CTC

Video controller


Sound generator


Sound specification

3 chords, noise 1 sound, エンペローブ 7 kind


8KB (built-in monitor)
At external cartridge largest 24KB


20KB (4KB+VRAM 16KB)
At the time of external cartridge use: Largest 24KB
At the time of expansion box use: 52KB


Full key type

RF output

Image and sound
NTSC system
Color TV
Channel 1 channel,2 use
75 ohm

Standard equipment I/F

Parallel , tape and ROM cassette, game pad

Tape and ROM cassette, game pad

Picture indicatory-related function

16 colors 4 mode
32 sprite plainness
The sprite 32 simultaneous enabled

Basic machine weight




262x185x35 (B5)

298x234x53.5 (A4)

Standard retail price



M5 (original) \59,800 - > \49,800


M5 family

* SORD M5 (original): Early edition. In black cover of yellow? * (The original), being something which I attach selfishly in order to distinguish with other things it does.
タカラ game personal computer M5: Original OEM. \59,800 - > \49,800. The M5 to which the joystick is attached (the original).
* SORD M5 Pro: New Al Lee
* SORD M5 Jr.: Parallel abbreviation edition of Pro. Also appearance differs.


M5 itself photograph


SORD M5 Pro itself

Because it has not polished for a long time, considerably it may be dirty, (cannot increase). But, it is the all-inclusive dynamic item.

Because with the M5 basically, as for the software it is offered with the cassette, the cartridge connector has been attached to the substance usually, but the data recorder and the FDD device et cetera the equipment it is possible also (with extended circumstance) to stick.

Because as for the power switch there is on an enormous AC adapter side, there is no substance.

Private AC adapter

It is huge in any case, is.

You observe to also the connector of the power source cable which is connected to the substance being special.

HL switch

It has flown white, but the letter, H and L on the left side of the switch is written. As for details it is not understood, but is not the selector switch of clock frequency, probably will be?..?


It is difficult to strike, however is, whether it is normal as that time (the ^^; With the key of the hard rubber make, feel has done the ペコペコ.

The A-Z,1-0 arrangement and arrangement of most signs are modern. But, the space key under the center on extreme right (under the ENTER key) being is regrettable, is. This like the normal keyboard if it is in direction under, whether or not the expectation which can be typed very comfortably (it can overtake the machine, as another (the ^^;



Connector of substance

The well enough various connectors are visible.

The connector like above has become arrangement. It is unusual for the printer connector to have been attached, is.

As for the cassette the data recorder (yes) for connection, as for the controller in order with the one for game pad connection, Player to be able to connect the controller of 1 and Player 2, there are 2 systems even with the normal cassette recorder.


Peripheral device group


SORD M5 expansion box

Putting in the car ridge connector of the substance, you use, it is the enormous expansion box. 3 it can pour the cassette.

The same * back

The yellow place is the カトリーッジ insertion opening.

SORD FDD device

It is the floppy disk unit for the M-5. Details are unclear.

SORD printer device

It is the private printer. It is the all-inclusive dynamic item, but details obscurity.

The paper can use just the thermal paper. There is no ink ribbon. It moves. Operation is very quiet.

M5 private game pad

The game is possible with 2 people. Is not the cruciform button, but the central circular button like the cruciform button up and down left and right slanted 8 directions are distinguished.



Cartridge / disk / other items



It is expectation of the media " for the FD-5 " device above, but being you have not looked at the place where the FDD device is moving speed, memory capacity and name et cetera altogether it is unclear.

Appearance, there is an A aspect and a B aspect, but how doing both sides, you do not know whether being able to use both sides, whether using whether (you turn over by the hand and so on). It is what, it is the feeling like the disk system of the Family Computer.

There are no any shutter how things, it is record surface exposure. Perhaps you cannot use anymore, (the ^^;

(C) 1981 Namco

From the midst of the stock game which is number one. It is the masterpiece of the Namco. The cassette for the SORD M5 every one is the cassette of such kind of design.

Addition extended 32KB memory cartridge

It is expectation of the cassette which memory the 32KB is increased, but it is detailed unclear.

Thermal printer PT-5
Handling instruction manual

Several there is a stock of the manual to in addition to, but from the among those.

Picture * editor
Program tape cassette

This way there was also software offer with tape medium.

The same * content

It is the normal cassette. In, tweet the gear - tweet the gear - with the data having entered, once, the data of content can be read out even with the normal tape recorder.



Other things

* BASIC series


The BASIC of standard attachment it seems, is, but details obscurity.


Graphics was centered the BASIC


For business practical type BASIC.

* Other software


In the catalog it has made " the enrollment edition of the PIPS-3 ". There is a stock inside. Data management software.

* Main game

As for those of the bold type if memory difference OR of the writer you have not lost, there is a stock in the house of the writer. Contents have depended refuse kana memory.

* ROM cassette

Power pack
ギャラックス : The gear - the game like the moth.
ボスコニアン : Recklessly the immense outer space advancing, the aircraft carrier of the enemy? It keeps destroying.
タンクバタリアン : Working the tank with the maze which is buried with block, it pushes down the enemy.
Dig Doug
Loom & loom : You forgot, (the ^^;
Super cobra
: Working the helicopter, the shooting which keeps advancing. Also the counter-air weapon and the like appears.
ガッタンゴットン : Making the panel slide, it guarantees the course of the train.
Moon patrol
: The action game which keeps advancing on intently.
プーヤン : Being the bow, it hits the enemy which rises with the balloon and drops.
Heavy boxing
: Boxing
Real tennis
ワードメイズ : You forgot, (the ^^;

* Tape medium

* スネーキー
* Barrier attack
* Jogging
* Side winder
* Soviet Lee tear
* The Tower of Hanoi
* Three circle
* Number search
* Blackjack
* Slot machine
* Terrestrial last day
* Minister To wreck
* Affinity biorhythm
* Music tone
* Cowboy
* Barricade
* Reflection
* Rainbow block
* Crossfire -
* Crash rally
* 3d
* Touch and down
* Crane
ユミち the it is that peeling, the ホイ
ユミ the it is the graphic puzzle
* 3d maze
* Small large venture of cat

* Applications of FDD device

You tried probably to try the FDD device, but like under it meaning that thing is written in " method of using, " you could not try, (the ^^; It is what, it is connected compulsorily.

1. In expansion box " EB-5 " " the BASIC-F " cartridge is put.
2. Similarly, " EM-5 " of expansion storage is put.
3. Furthermore similarly, " the PI-5 " cartridge (the writer with stock lack of confirmation) you put.
You connect the cable which has extended from the 4.PI-5 cartridge to the FD-5.
It throws the power source of the 5.FD-5.
The 6.DISK-BASIC (the writer with stock lack of confirmation) you set to the FD-5.
It throws the power source of the 7.EB-5.

* Now of SORD

It was absorbed at Toshiba, it seems, is, but as for details it is not understood. Http: The //, it seems that (December of 2000) to exists very recently, but now it cannot access.

* PT-5 printing example

Being something which it tests prints in the thermal paper, it does. When while the LF button is pushed power is turned on it becomes test printing mode.
Chinese character something it does not come out, (the ^^;

With 400dpi reading. 1 dot is completely visible.

* As for the woman who has appeared in announcement who?

Forest tail reason flavor it is it seems, is.

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