Modul with 64 KB RAM, EPROM and FDD 3,5"

Ing. Jindřich Stuchlík


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SORD M5 - CP/M system

information about implementation

For all owners of the SORD M5 computer offers ability to run CP/M on their computers. The CP/M system implemented on the M5 computer requires only minimal modifications of SORD M5 hardware. Basically, it's only about bringing a new control signal to the address decoder (signal from the expansion board instead of the current signal from pin 15 of GA015). No further adjustments are needed. Only an expansion board with CP/M is inserted as cartridge. This board is designed to take as little space as possible on the top of the computer. Above this board is standard 3,5" diskette drive. The whole of this superstructure extends beyond the rear of the computer by less than 2 cm and takes about 4 cm in height.

There is a lot of software available for CP/M, which is now available to M5 owners. For rock Sord fans, as well as for joystick breaking lovers, most of the Sord programs and games were transferred under CP/M. From CP/M, it is possible to run all original SORD cartridges as well as MSX and ZX Spectrum emulators. To release M5 from the need to use a tape recorder, a new Basic-F (BFWD) has been created that can work with floppy disks without requiring FD-5 devices. For the same reason, a new version of MSX emulator (MSX 1.D) has also been developed, which can also read programs from a floppy disk.

The CP/M system uses 720 KB floppy disks to store up to 128 files. BFWD and MSX 1.D use diskettes formatted to 580 KB for a maximum of 144 files. The file size is limited by diskette capacity only.

Currently (cca. 1992), it is possible to order a complete delivery of a hardware extension, which consists of one 3.5-inch diskette drive and a 64K RAM memory board and a WD2797B diskette drive controller. Also a formatted floppy disk with the necessary software is included. In addition to this complete delivery, it is also possible to order only some components, such as the board itself, or just a mounted and functional board without a diskette drive, and so on.

Software overview:

FORMAT, NEWSYS, STATUS, PIP, SUBMIT, XSUB, HEX, LOAD, VERIF, POWER, WORDSTAR, WORDMASTER, DBASE2, TURBOPASCAL, MULTIPLAN, ZBASIC, MB80, M80, MON80 and many others CP/M programs. BASIC-I, BASIC-G, BASIC-F, FALC, PDESIGNER, HP4TM, cartridges, MSX1B, MSX1C, MSX1D, MSX games and many other programs originating from the SORD computer.

Hardware overview:

3.5-inch drive 720 KB or 1.44 MB, PCB, interconnecting flat cables, several passive components, two SRAM 32KB units, FD controller. 8KB EPROM with CP/M OS. PROM with decoder modes, 9 pieces of TTL LS.