SORD M5 with cartridge BASIC-I




Welcome to the website about a unique pc in its own way from the 80s of the past century, model M5 from the company SORD. The goal of this website is nothing less, then to be a complete source of information about this 8-bit computer. You can find historical information about this computer as well as practical information how to work with the computer whether you have SORD M5 physicaly or you “just” want to work with one of its emulators.

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Content of this page is concieved in a way that information can by found by both, people who have never seen a computer (ehm, uh... those hopefuly don't exist), and those who use computers, but have no experience with 8-bit computers. And ofcourse those who know computer M5 and are looking for usefull information will get their moneys worth.

On the right side is an extensive menu full of links. These links lead to websites which are concieved as a documentation for each subject. On those the information is more in the form of documentation (including scanned prints) then typical WWW pages.

Whats important to understand is that most of the czech documenentation presented here was created between the years of 1986 and 1992 on computer systems which didn't have diacritic implemented (simply put they didn't support czech language) and thats why its writen like this "sice cesky, ale bez hacku a carek." At the brink of new century i took this documentation, added HTML tags and put it up on the Internet. As you can see nothing about adding diacritic. Thats why the pages are completely or partly "Czech, but without diacritical marks." The online translator may have a problem with it. So thats not an error, well it is an error but not on your side. Therefore be indulgent. Thank you for your understanding.

I recomend to start the exploration of these pages here: Historical overview (not translated to English yet).