Why and how I build the web page. You can contribute too. Inroduction.
Sord m5 was the first computer on the common market in Czechoslovakia. History.
Sentences collected from the Internet.They wrote.
Technical parameters of the computer and it´s standard accessory.Parameters.
Pictures of hardware components. You can use them on your web pages without my permission.Hardware.
Front page and contents of manuals and user´s guides.Manuals.
The library of items we collected in our club of users.Documentation.
The library of items we collected in our club of users. Mainly of Czech and Slovak origin.Programs.
Sord m5 emulators, programs, pictures, schemes.Download.
List of articles published in Czech journals and club bulletin.Bibliography.
Full Czech texts about hardware, software, self-made accessories, CP/M operating system and MSX standard.On-line texts.
We had to apply much of improvisation in that times.Creativity.
Some good web pages in the world. Ranking according volume of information.Hyperlinks.
Sord m5 variations.Clones.
Other Sord Computer Corporation products. Pictures and a brief technical details.Products.
Persons with any Sord m5 experience in Czech and Slovak republik.Contacts.